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I was expecting more stickers and a little better quality. But apart from that, really liked it. Thanks a lot for this.


We love it♥️♥️

About pregnancy journal

It's costly!!!

Pregnancy Journal - Orchid Pink | 9 Months Journal

Book quality and look and feel is songood


Pregnancy Journal - Ivory Flower | 9 Months Journal

Hi I received my package, I’m so happy. It’s worth buying. Great package and loving every detail inside ❤️Can’t wait to start journaling. Thank you so much! Will buy more in future, For me and for gifting. It’s amazing!

It is beautiful just loved the thought!


I am so grateful that I come across to your ad on Instagram which tempted me to buy the journal. I absolutely loved it and will definitely recommend to all my friends. I will also ensure to keep this in mind while gifting and repurchase. Thank you ☺️

Pregnancy Journal - Goth Mom | 9 Months Journal

This is quite amazing 😻 Just got one❤️Thankyou soo much for such a beautiful message along with the journal

Fitness Journal - Dog Yoga | Pink

I really can’t wait to start my journey with this beautiful Journal I received today itself it’s worth waiting seriously ❤️🥹thankyou bop canvases for making everyone’s journey so beautiful & motivational 💕💕

Pregnancy Journal - Tiffany Pink | 9 Months Journal

I just received my Pregnancy Journal and I’m so excited to fill all the details.

I wanted a journal to express my everyday feelings as I stay alone and I’m glad to find your page. Thanks a lot

Pregnancy Journal - Orchid Pink | 9 Months Journal

Pregnancy Journal - Ivory Flower | 9 Months Journal

My husband ordered a pregnancy journal for me and I really loved it. Thank you making these journals so that we can record our memories in these journals 😍

Poor Quality product

Didn't like the product much . Product is of poor quality

Fitness Journal - Make It Happen | Black

I have received my order and it's much more nice then I think it would be and I'm very happy😊thanku so much😍

Mesmerizing work

Best Journal for my pregnancy journey.

Fitness Journal - Mindset is everything | Purple

Just got mine and it's absolutely adorable😍😍😍 I'm obsessed ❤❤❤❤❤

Fitness Journal - Dog Yoga | Pink

Love my fitness journal

Delivering duration took too long that it cannot be used on time.

Hi Lalhriatpuii, I hope you are having a great day! Firstly we are so sorry for the delay. I completely understand your concern, I would have felt the same if I was in your place.

The delay was mainly caused due to a driver's strike recently which has impacted a major part of India's logistics. We have already escalated this issue with the courier but with limited access and less control over such an issue not much we can do to speed up the delivery of your order. But please know we are constantly monitoring all the delayed orders to make sure they reach you soon.

Fitness Journal - Dog Yoga | Pink

Journal is very good

Fitness Journal - Dog Yoga | Pink

it’s beautiful tysm!🤍